WIPO Engagements

  • Accra Ghana; Hanoi, VN; 2006
  • San Juan Costa Rica; Ho Chi Minh City, VN; 2007
  • Alexandria, Egypt; 2008
  • Mexico City Mexico; 2010
  • Tunis Tunisia (scheduled but cancelled due to Arab Spring) 2011

Example: Hanoi Vietnam. Fall 2006. Science, Technology Licensing 4 day Workshop (WIPO and National IP Office host). Various topics: Basic Licensing Terms; Advanced Licensing Negotiations, Role Playing activity.

Engagements on behalf of AUTM (Partial List)

  • Melbourne, Australia; Taipei, Taiwan; Singapore, Singapore. Topic. Examples of the economic impact of life science research licensing;
  • Tokyo, Japan; Goa, India; Edinburgh, Scotland; 2007
  • Alexandria, Egypt; Ooty, India. Topic. Steps in modern drug development and how university research can impact each step; 2008
  • Campinas, Brazil; Gotenborg, Sweden; 2009
  • New Delhi, India. Topic. Lessons from the US Bayh-Dole Act which can be used to grow the biotechnology industry in India
  • AUTM Expert for Government of Chile/AUTM contract to assist 15 universities accelerate technology licensing. Created 3 Strategic and Operating Plans and Benchmarking Reports. 2012-2013.
  • Accelerating TTO Deal Making. May 20, 21, 2015. Cali Columbia

Engaged as an academic technology transfer Expert (Partial List)

  • John’s Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory; UNESCO Puerto Rico 2006.
  • Arab Science and Technology Foundation. Amman Jordan, Casablanca, Morocco, Dubai, UAE; 2007.
  • Expert Witness in Legal Suit – MIT vs. Max Planck; 2010
  • Expert Witness in Legal Suit – U Utah vs. Max Planck; 2015.