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Intellectual property business value has grown over the past 25 years with the expansion of subject matter covered by patents and the emphasis placed on knowledge as a competitive advantage. There are many firms that do not understand that they have intellectual assets and have no system to manage it. Also, employees have increased their interest in how their company’s intellectual assets are managed.

Can your company answer these questions:

  • Do I have an invention and what rights as an inventor do I have?
  • Can I negotiate an intellectual property rights clause with a company or a university that wants to conduct collaborative research?
  • How do we encourage market driven research in our company?
  • What are the expectations of our staff of the intellectual property management system?
  • How do we legally protect our intellectual capital?
  • How do we market our intellectual capital?
  • How do we negotiate value and licenses for our intellectual capital?
  • How do we monitor performance of our licensees?

Burnside Development and Associates, Inc has over 50 years experience in managing and growing all aspects of intellectual property. How it is created, disclosed, evaluated, marketed, licensed, and commercialized – including start-ups. Based on this experience, for a reasonable fee, we can:

  • Confirm the appropriateness of the Mission and Strategic Objectives of the intellectual capital management system.
  • Measure the potential of the staff to generate invention disclosures with short and long term economic merit, and their expectations of the intellectual capital management system.
  • If no policy or practice exists, make recommendations for the establishment of a intellectual capital management system to include staffing, budget, organization, and delineate the expectations of benefits from the formation of the office.
  • If there is a intellectual capital management system, address its effectiveness in promoting disclosure of Intellectual Property (IP); review of contracts; valuation of IP; marketing of IP; patenting; licensing of IP; post license auditing; the effectiveness of the relationship with the staff; and recommend improvements.

We look forward to helping you communicate your needs and benefits of your intellectual capital management system to your shareholders. Please contact us if you have interest in a neutral, experienced third party review of your operations.