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International Licensing


  1. To start, provide Burnside Development & Assoc. LLC staff with some available background information on projects you would like to discuss:  (brief summary of the science; brief summary of possible products based on the science, IP strategy, etc.)  We would then mutually agree to select 1 to 3 of the most promising projects, which we believe are ready for marketing.
  2. Depending on each situation, we might recommend the TTO pay for a standard independent external private sector evaluation Report for selected projects.  At that point, we would work closely with you and the faculty member to ensure the outside Report writer understands the invention and possible product applications.  When we reviewed the Report Work closely with you, we would identify licensing target companies (global; some mentioned in the REPORT), approach the appropriate contacts within companies through our BDA network, assist with the creation of required proprietary documentation (confidential / non-confidential), assist with negotiations potentially leading to signed contracts for licenses, contract research, consulting or collaborative R&D opportunities.
  3. Mr. Fraser of Burnside Development and Associates LLC (BDA) will assist in organizing and attending in-person selected meetings of TTO staff with companies in the US, Canada, or Europe on an as needed basis. Pricing: A 6-month contracting period is proposed.
    1. Month 1- 2. Selection of Projects and Preparation for BDA directed Commercialization process. Services include:
      • Review of proposed projects and material already created;
      • Assisting with suggested market research report by outside private Tech Eval firm;
      • Review of prior art, disclosure statements, and state of the art to fully understand technology;
      • Conversations and meetings with researcher to clarify information;
      • Drafting of NDA and commercial documents.
    2. Months 3-6. Commercialization process. Services include:
      • Contact and Conversations with potential licensing targets;
      • Securing additional information from researcher or market research as needed;
      • Participating in calls between researcher and potential licensing target;
      • Facilitating/drafting NDA’s, MOU’s, or other legal agreements between parties;
      • Researching other potential licensing leads;
      • Monthly report on activities, ongoing conversations, and companies/targets contacted.

In 2015, BDA charges $225/hour USD for Mr. Fraser’s time.

For each selected Part A project: 20hrs@$100 + 8hrs@$225 = $3,800 est.
For each selected Part B project: 10hrs@$100 + 12hrs@$225 = $3,700 est.

The Total for each Project is estimated as $7,500USD for the 6-month project.

Any and all out-of-pocket costs will be passed to client, including travel, translations, etc.

A reevaluation at the end of the 6 months will be performed to determine if Client wants to continue with services and renew the 6-month contract.