Preparations of Strategic and Operational Plans

I have over 30 years experience in the US, Canada and globally in creating, managing and enhancing technology commercialization programs in both the academic and government laboratory sectors.

My greatest strength is my ability to bring together people from corporate, academic and government sectors to form a consensus and work collaboratively on projects to maximize mutual benefits. I have acquired the skills needed to encourage researchers to recognize commercialization as a creative outlet in a research career and also the skill to help business people embrace the risks needed to turn research into profits.

I have a Masters degree in Biochemistry from the University of California at Berkeley and have been:

  • Founder or Director of four university technology commercialization offices;
  • Entrepreneur and the co-founder of three university spin out companies;
  • Vice President of a private sector venture capital company investing in university start-ups;
  • Senior officer of the Canadian counterpart of the US National Science Foundation;
  • President of Burnside Development & Associates LLC, a technology commercialization consulting business.

These activities have allowed me to develop leadership and strong communication skills; a very large industry contacts list; a working knowledge of high level IP Policies; the negotiation ability to close significant revenue generating deals; as well as the management skills needed to focus people on objectives and to achieve them within a budget.

My tenure and acumen in this field has been formally recognized by my election as the President (and Chair of the Board) of AUTM (Association of University Technology Managers), the global association of 3,500 technology transfer professionals in 2004-2008. My travel with AUTM to over 20 countries gave me extensive opportunities to perfect abilities needed to successfully work with people across different cultures and backgrounds to achieve common goals. Since then I have continued to enjoy a vigorous international consulting business based upon research commercialization.

My industry network includes 300 active corporate contacts and a smaller group of people who can point me to the right people in industry.

My experience at Florida State University has taught me how to successfully operate a commercialization program on a major research university campus. In addition to a traditional patent licensing program, we recognized that licensing to spinoff companies is a very viable commercialization. I have closed deals across many STEM technologies (life sciences, ITC, software, nano- and other novel materials, physical sciences). I also have unique experience in commercializing opportunities in the social sciences and other non-STEM areas (autism, suicide prevention and maternal/baby care).

I have raised over $30 million USD in grants, loans or VC equity funding for commercialization in the US, Canada and Chile.

I look forward to speaking with you about how I might assist you achieve your goals.



John Fraser


Tallahassee, Florida – 32301


Cell: +850 524-5793