Would you like to explore the commercial potential of a product/invention that has resulted from your University research?

Have you thought about creating a company to apply your research to a problem by creating a product that will benefit people?

If Yes, then please attend the Seminar: “Getting Started In Technology Commercialization”.

Attend for 1 hour each week for 8 weeks and test your ideas with the information provided. 40-minute presentation and 20 minutes Q&A.

Week 1:

  • What is Technology Commercialization?
  • Why Commercialization is Creative and Important.
  • Getting Ready – the Planning Phase.

Week 2:

  • Commercializing in partnership with an Existing Company.
  • Commercialization by forming a new Start-Up company.
  • The Business Model Canvas exercise and its Value

Week 3: Starting a New Company – 1

  • What do you need?
  • Types of Company – Life Style to IPO-able Management team
  • Business Model and Business Plan (What are they and Why are they important?)

Week 4: Starting a New Company – 2

  • Financing the Company
  • Telling the Story.
  • Legal Issues
  • Valuing the Technology

Week 5: Starting a New Company – 3

  • Negotiation of Licenses and Business Partnerships
  • Parts of a License
  • Term Sheet
  • Option to a License

Week 6: Starting a New Company – 4

  • Getting started – Operations
  • Research
  • Product Development plan
  • Market Assessment
  • Personnel Development plan
  • Financing Plan
  • Manufacturing plan
  • Intellectual Property protection
  • Market Channels
  • Product distribution, and Sales
  • The Business Plan
  • Governance and Advisors

Week 7: Starting a New Company – 5

  • Measuring Progress to Goals
  • The Importance of Communications
  • Series Wrap Up.

A. Start-Up Company Workshop Proposal

John Fraser, President, Burnside Development & Assoc. LLC will create and present via remote means a Workshop targeting faculty and graduate students.

Timing: Burnside Development personnel will market the Workshop, arrange for it to be given via Skype or other stable remote video/audio mechanism. It is proposed to give the Workshop over a 7-week period with one session of 60 minutes each week. This is likely to fit into the academic schedule well. Alternatively, the Workshop can be given in one 8-hour day.

Mr. Fraser will present each session and answer questions during the Q& A sessions.

Pricing: $ 3,600 USD in 2015. For this price, Burnside Development & Associates will create, organize and present the listed content and answer questions during the Q&A sessions. Additional, individual discussions with faculty will be charged at $225 USD, if approved by TTO staff.