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4 Experts, 3 Programs – Available at your site.

Having difficulty convincing people in the university and local community of the value of your Licensing program? A bit fatigued trying to convince people within the larger environment of falling state funding, increased demand for economic development and increased interest in University inventions? Try a new tactic. Bring experienced tech transfer experts on-site to focus on YOUR issues for an all-in price of $6,000.

OUR WORKSHOP APPROACH is designed to help you meet your University’s unique technology transfer challenges. We bring over 100 years of university tech transfer experience, distilled into a one-day workshop, combined with 1-on-1 consulting.

  • We are experienced with deep and trusted networks.
  • We are experienced in running successful offices in private and public universities, in resource-rich and resource-poor settings, and in small and large cities.
  • We are experienced in engaging people who might otherwise be reluctant to get involved or sign-on.

PRINCIPALS of the team have run some of the most successful technology transfer offices at premier research universities:

  • Wes Blakeslee, former Executive Director, Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer;
  • Richard Cahoon, former Director of Technology Transfer at Cornell University;
  • John Fraser, former Executive Director, Florida State University; and
  • Michael Martin, former Executive Vice President, Virginia Tech Intellectual Property.

WE OFFER a choice of three 1-day workshops, each uniquely tailored to reach your target audience. Each format also offers 90 minutes of one-on-one interviews and consulting between the presenters and the university inventors and/or tech transfer office (TTO) staff at the end of the session.

# 1 Tech Transfer: – Targeted for university inventors, research administrators, and local economic development champions. An overview of the role of IP Management in research administration; and the commercialization of university inventions for the benefit of the inventor, the university, and community economic development. There is an emphasis on actual strategies and tactics that improve the performance of the TTO in creating new research consortium, new start-ups and products. Outcomes: Increased industry research funding, and increased disclosures by informing the faculty of the process and its benefits to them, the university, and the public.

# 2 Advanced TTO Operations: Upping the Game and Process Improvement. A review of the university TTO process and practices with an emphasis on improving the value of the office through improved office operations from research contracts, and licensing, to facilitating start-ups.  Introduction of different TTO models with real life, proven methods to initiate enhanced TTO value to the institution. Outcome:  Increased understanding of the complex tech transfer process, from strategic and practical perspectives.  More engagement of faculty. Increased recognition of your TTO’s vital role in moving research discoveries to collaborative market-driven partnerships. More deals signed and technologies commercialized.

# 3 Entrepreneurial Boot Camp: A blueprint for each important decision between idea and start-up. A working overview of the components required from both faculty inventor and successful university TTO. Intended primarily for university inventors considering a start-up but uncertain where/how to find assistance, or for community and helpful commercial partners interested in participating in the process. Outcome: Increased awareness of all necessary aspects of a start-up in the first 3-5 years. Ability to identify entrepreneurial faculty receptive to creating and/or licensing to a startup company. Increased confidence that the entrepreneurial activity is an acceptable academic endeavor. Better understanding by, and communication with, potential partners in your local business community.

VALUE: Price and Cost Savings.  Typically the level of expertise we’re offering is only available at national meetings and comes with a hefty registration fee, travel expenses and time away from the office/lab. Our 4 experts will bring our collective expertise to your university, for your staff and/or entrepreneurial inventors (including the local economic development community, if deemed appropriate) for a total introductory price of $6,000. This price is the total cost to your institution (includes travel expenses for the 4 – no hidden/additional cost to you). This offer allows your institution, your staff, interested faculty and community members access to a quality educational experience offered by 4 top professionals in both group and one-on-one settings.

We believe our price and content is an excellent value. We are motivated by helping fellow universities. We also hope to provide further consulting services after the 1-day workshop, where our expertise would be useful. While we encourage such consulting discussions, the Workshops are a standalone service.

THE UNIVERSITY’S WORKSHOP ROLE. In our Workshops, the University is responsible for all promotion of the event, arranges all logistics (registration, refreshments, duplication of handout materials, etc.) and assists with on-site set-up. We handle the rest.

INTERESTED? Please contact miketechtransfer@comcast.net to arrange a conference call to discuss in more detail.